Fort Triumph – Next Part of Might and Magic?

The game Fort Triumph begins in a tavern full of smoke and smell. After midnight, even laughing is strictly forbidden in the tavern. As the game starts, we see that the three heroes of the game are having an intense discussion about the dark future they have ahead of them. But, they do not know that someone is creating an evil plot behind their backs. 


Another Masterpiece from CD Project RED?

 The developer CD Projekt RED has taken a break from the genre of traditional fantasy games. This game, in many ways, is seen as an attempt to tackle the future of science fiction. Rumours also have it that the next giant project of RPG from CD Project RED is going to be a great sci-fi story based on hackers, dodgy criminals, and war business.


The game has very engaging gameplay that will follow the player as they set on an epic mission to find the secrets of immortality. The game is set around a vast, futuristic city from the year 2077. The city also has several districts to explore. This adventurous journey in the game will have various obstacles and dangers. When one goes through the cyberpunk gameplay, he will be faced with corrupt criminals, ruthless hackers, and even mysterious forces that are beyond the control of anyone.

Though the game has been compared to other similar games such as Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; Cyberpunk 2077 is a little different from them. Firstly, the game is an open-world experience that is set across a night city. Moreover, the game has a great, uncompromising design that is full of unknown risks, strange characters and to top that it has a stunning storyline that is filled with lots of twists and turns that have to be uncovered in every step.

In various game shows and trade shows the cyberpunk multiplayer game is proving to be the most awaited and ambitious RPG experience that has been witnessed in the market in years. Gamers have a lot of expectations with the game, and only time can tell the real truth.


Penguin City

It’s time to help some flightless fellows escape Penguin City, where the mighty Emperor Penguin is keeping his minuscule underlings as slaves in his dastardly food emporium! Play now for free!

ได้เวลาช่วยผองเพื่อนเพนกวินปีกจิ๋วหนีออกจาก Penguin City ที่เพนกวินจักรพรรดิกักขังเหล่าเพนกวินผู้รับใช้ตัวจิ๋วของเขาเอาไว้ใช้งานเยี่ยงทาสในร้านขายอาหารสภาพสุดเลวร้าย! เล่นเลยและรับหมุนฟรี!


The game’s standout feature is the Penguin Escape Mode, which is triggered as soon a Wild appears on 2nd or 4th reel during a winning spin. This wild stays Sticky for the duration of the Escape mode, which respins until a winless spin. During the Escape Mode, Penguins on every spin can award the player an additional Sticky Wild on 2nd or 4th reel, or a winning symbol on the 3rd reel. As an additional bonus one can hit a stacked Emperor Stacked Wild, which moves down one row per spin and basically guarantees respins until it’s off the reels! So come on and hit the reels to help the penguins spread their wings, as you rack up big wins!

  • Win on a wild symbol in the base game to activate the Penguin Escape Mode
  • You stay in the Penguin Escape Mode as long as you continue to win
  • In this mode, 1 penguin tries to escape each spin (unless the Stacked Emperor Wild is present)
  • If the penguin successfully jumps on the reels, then 1 of 2 things happen:
    • 1 sticky wild is added to reels 2 or 4 on a winning spin
    • 1 symbol is swapped on reel 3 to create a win on a losing spin
  • If the penguin fails, nothing is changed on the reels
  • All spins are payed and played with the same ways as the base game
  • Increasing the bet size resets all sticky wilds and ends the Penguin Escape Mode
  • The Stacked Emperor Wild appears on the third reel in the Penguin Escape Mode
  • He is made up of 3 stacked wild symbols
  • He guarantees a win when any part of him is present on the reels
  • He moves down by one reel position each spin until he disappears from the reels
  • Penguins do not attempt to escape while the Stacked Emperor Wild is present.
  • Wilds substitute all regular symbols.
  • When there is a win on a regular wild symbol, it sticks on the reels for the consecutive spin.


Aldo’s Journey

Players are on the move with a travelling merchant in Aldo’s Journey video slot.

ผู้เล่นจะได้เดินทางไปเรื่อยๆ กับพ่อค้าเร่ในเกมสล็อต Aldo’s Journey พร้อมรับหมุนฟรีที่นี่ที่เดียวกับ

Players are on the move with a travelling merchant in Aldo’s Journey video slot. There are 4 different cities and cultures to explore, wheeling and dealing gold along the way. Aldo is hugely motivated by money and can’t seem to keep still, acting as a Journey Wild™️ and taking steps in all directions with every spin. When the reels stop, he acts as a Wild on the space he occupies.

What’s an escapade without some Wild Times!? Each time Aldo moves to the centre of the reels, this feature is triggered. Our traveller dishes out random wilds and adds a multiplier on current wins!
When Aldo’s journey leads him to a country with 3 FS symbols players get their passport to City Free Spins. From Italy to China, Persia and Mongolia, Aldo takes players across the globe in search of gold and riches! Each country has its own unique benefits and City Free Spins are no different, find higher multipliers, symbol removal, random sticky wilds, and random wild lines stashed in these countries.

When Aldo lands in the centre with 3 Free Spins symbols, then the real voyage begins! Players prepare to go around the world in 7 spins because Journey Free Spins brings all the 4 City FS together and activates their benefits! This creates some bonus combinations that will make for a trip of a lifetime!

That’s not all though, Wild Times! are never too far from Aldo and his merchant players, when he lands in the centre, he brings more random wilds and multipliers that last for the entire Journey Free Spins.

Are your players ready to get down to business with our worldly traveller?