The Criminal Case: Another Perfect Time-Killer or Something Bigger?

Everything You Should Know about the Game-play

The Criminal Case game has a detective hidden object theme built around mysterious criminal stories in different chapters where players have to find necessary clues by clicking objects given in a crime scene to solve criminal cases. The more quickly a player solves an example, the more rewards he earns. The game takes a player through several crime scenes with random items scattered around the stage. 

Each of the crime scenes has a Leader Board. The player has to unlock stars to move forward. The earned stars can be used later as currency in the game while investigating at a crime scene or questioning a suspect. As a player successfully investigates a scene or question suspects, he starts finding new clues such as who is the victim of the crime, who is the criminal, who are the people connected to the case, etc.

The Core Loop and Game Mechanics

From the perspective of game mechanics, The Criminal Case runs based on energy and time mechanics.  Facebook provides virality mechanics to boost them. The game has eight seasons. 

  • The First Season: The first season takes place in the fictional city named Grimsborough. The city is divided into six districts.
  • The Second Season: The second season takes place in the fictional city of Pacific Bay. This city has ten districts. 
  • The Third Season: The third season is called the World Edition. In this season players have to solve cases in various parts of the world. 
  • The Fourth Season: This season is called the Mysteries of the Past. It is set in the late 19th-century fiction city of Concordia. 
  • The Fifth Season: This season is called The Conspiracy.  This season is set in the same city of Grimsborough with ten districts this time. 
  • The Sixth Season: This season is named Travel in Time. In this season, players have to solve cases in 7 different periods. 
  • The Seventh Season: This season is named as the Supernatural Investigation. This season is set in 6 various regions in the US. 
  • The Eighth Season: This season is called the City of Romance. It is set in 6 different districts named after romantic words.

What Makes Criminal Case the Best Hidden-Object Game?

Many gamers see The Criminal Case as the best hidden-object game. The game has a strong storyline set in interesting detailed fictional cities around the world from the present day as well as from the past. The graphics of the game is smooth, and the game-play is pretty simple. The crime scenes and cases are also built with the smallest details and gives a realistic feeling, and an element of mystery and surprise.  Moreover, the success and popularity of the game could be understood from almost 40% of Facebook users have played this game. Additionally, in 2014, only two years after its launch, the game had completed 50 million likes on its Facebook Page. No doubt, with such popularity and a huge player base, The Criminal Case becomes the best hidden-object game. 

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