PUBG Mobile: The World’s Best Battle Royal?

Nowadays, when numbers of battle royal games are coming in the market, PUBG Mobile is still considered to create a unique character and place of its own. PUBG is supposed to bring about a revolution in the gaming world. Sharing their personal experiences, gamers reported that there is no other game in the market with as intense gunfights as PUBG Mobile. The gameplay of PUBG has a very tactical, team game that makes it very serious. As per the gamers’ experience, the game has one of the best shooting mechanics, giving it a realistic look.

PUBG Mobile: The Essential Details You Should Know Before Enrolling

The game has three different modes of playing, solo, duet, and squad. As soon as you land on the island, you have to collect PUBG weapons, medical kits, and other necessary things scattered around the island to fight and survive. There are two main tactics that gamers follow to kill and survive. One, they go straight in shooting opponents, and the others where they hide and wait until time runs out and kill those remaining players in the island.. The first method gives more rewards. A typical match can run as long as 30 minutes.

 PUBG has a wide range of guns such as different Assault Rifles, numbers of Shotguns, different SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and various Air-Drop Weapons. The weapons are:

  • Assault Rifles: M16A4, AKM, Mk47Mutant, Groza, Beryl M762, QBZ, AUG A3, M416, G36C, Scar-L. 
  • Marksman Rifles: Mini 14, SLR, SKS, QBU88, VSS, MK14.
  • Sniper Rifles: Kar98K, M24, Win94, AWM. 
  • Marksman Rifles: Mini 14, MK14, SKS, QBU88, SLR, VSS.
  • Light Machine Guns: UZI, Bizon, Vector, UMP45, Tommy Gun, MP5K. 
  • Sub Machine Guns: M249, DP-28.
  • Pistols: R1895, Sawed-off, R45, P92, P18C, P1911, Skorpion. 
  • Shotguns: S1897, S12K, S686.

Others: Crossbow, Pan, Crowbar, Sickle, Machete, Superman, Punch.

PUBG Mobile Minimum Tech Requirements

To begin with, the game runs on Unreal Engine 4 which ensures smooth movements and quality graphics. It is an online game, and you will need a good internet connection to play it without lagging. As far as RAM and storage requirements are concerned, the minimum standards of PUBG Android for smooth running are an Android version of 5.11 or above along with at least 2GB RAM and 2GB storage. These are essential requirements; if you want better experience while playing, you must have at least 4GB RAM and at least an FHD display for better graphics. For PUBG Mobile iOS you need to have iOS 9 or later versions to run the game. The minimum requirements to run the game are iOS 9, iPad 2, and iPhone 5S. To get the best experience, it is better to run the game on at least iPhone 6 or later versions. 

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