Fort Triumph – Next Part of Might and Magic?

The game Fort Triumph begins in a tavern full of smoke and smell. After midnight, even laughing is strictly forbidden in the tavern. As the game starts, we see that the three heroes of the game are having an intense discussion about the dark future they have ahead of them. But, they do not know that someone is creating an evil plot behind their backs. 

According to many triumph review by gamers, the game does not have all the new things. Instead, it uses the same traditional formula of other fantasy games where you will find an evil character hungry for power with a massive army of dirty, filthy, evil-minded goblins, and a reign that is in total danger.

However, we must admit that unlike most of the other triumph games, almost everything that has been told or shown in this particular game has a touch of humour in it. As you start playing the game, you will notice that every single hero in the game will speak and act all the time in such a manner that matches the canons of the fantasy game genre, but they have a special emphatic touch to it. And this is precisely what makes this game different and defeats the boredom. However, as the characters try to be funny or humorous, every time they speak or act, there will be a predictable funny ending. 

The cover of the game functions in a similar way like other triumph games of the same category. A player will find the options of half and full cover. However, another thing that is noticeable in the game is that, when you have a powerful attack, it can collapse even a tree trunk or a rock onto the enemy hiding behind them. Moreover, you can target and destroy it also if an enemy is near or even on top of it. This is a unique feature of the game that makes the battle yet intense since no place is safe for you also if you are hiding.

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