Another Masterpiece from CD Project RED?

 The developer CD Projekt RED has taken a break from the genre of traditional fantasy games. This game, in many ways, is seen as an attempt to tackle the future of science fiction. Rumours also have it that the next giant project of RPG from CD Project RED is going to be a great sci-fi story based on hackers, dodgy criminals, and war business.


The game has very engaging gameplay that will follow the player as they set on an epic mission to find the secrets of immortality. The game is set around a vast, futuristic city from the year 2077. The city also has several districts to explore. This adventurous journey in the game will have various obstacles and dangers. When one goes through the cyberpunk gameplay, he will be faced with corrupt criminals, ruthless hackers, and even mysterious forces that are beyond the control of anyone.

Though the game has been compared to other similar games such as Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; Cyberpunk 2077 is a little different from them. Firstly, the game is an open-world experience that is set across a night city. Moreover, the game has a great, uncompromising design that is full of unknown risks, strange characters and to top that it has a stunning storyline that is filled with lots of twists and turns that have to be uncovered in every step.

In various game shows and trade shows the cyberpunk multiplayer game is proving to be the most awaited and ambitious RPG experience that has been witnessed in the market in years. Gamers have a lot of expectations with the game, and only time can tell the real truth.

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